Chairman Message

PLANETARY GEAR DRIVES INDIA (PGI Drives) has been in operation for a decade now engaged in the manufacturing of Planetary gear boxes and accessories. While the vision of the company is to excel in the chosen line catering to both the Domestic and International markets, the mission is to take the products through the OEM markets, covering applications in the field of Construction equipment, Agricultural machines,  Concrete mixers, and other medium sized vehicles. The manufacturing philosophy is to make the critical components in-house and outsource the standard parts. The production methodology follows the Lean manufacturing techniques emphasizing Quality outputs leading to Zero defect parts. The product design and development is carried out in consultation with our partners in Italy in order to bring the new products to the market within the shortest time possible. Dedicated staff ensure assembly and testing of units to field performance standards. The application engineering is done looking at the output characteristics required by the customer along with the physical mounting needed to use the drive to its optimum level. During the prototyping stage our service team provides the installation and commissioning assistance to conduct the trials successfully. Our goal is to offer the best drive solutions for both the stationary and mobile applications meeting the specific customer requirements.  
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